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Featuring Lyle Bottoms as your presidential candidate, and Clayton Holschuh as the vice presidenatial candidate. Bottoms UP!


What is Chevy Party?

       Chevy Party is a national party that is running for president. We have a listed a few platform issues above that we stand for. We currently have 2 Sponsors: the Pfizer Company, and the

N. E. A.. Our current candidate for president is Lyle Bottoms, and our current candidate for Vice president is Clayton Holschuh. The Campaign manager is Luke Scott, and the Press secretary is Josiah Ginsburg. 


Here is our Campaign Ad.


Our Sponsers

Pfizer company: Regulating prescription drugs, and N.E.A.: To enforce one year of manual labor between 8th and 9th grade with minimum wage.


Our Campaign Team

President, Lyle Bottoms: Is 35 years old and has a Masters Degree from Harvard University in Political Science.


Vice President, Clayton Holschuh: Is 35 years old and and has a Bachelors from Harvard University in Political Science.


Campaign Manager, Luke Scott: Is 36 years old and has a Bachelors in Political Science and a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.


Press Secretary, Josiah Ginsburg: Is 37 years old and has a Bachelors in Public Speaking from Colorado State University.



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